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President Clinton Endorses Network Marketing & Direct Selling

A presidential view of the Network Marketing Industry. Looking for one but have no idea what to look for, I have great tips on finding one for you.


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Starting a Legitimate Home Business in Florida

We know you want to start that home business in Florida, so let’s go over some things that will build a solid foundation to get a good start into entrepreneurship. From the last article we talk about the 1.5 billon people online today, all the great things to do here in Florida, and why or what your life would look like with the money made from your home business. Do not over look this, take a few moments and really imagine what your life, house, cars and vacations would look like if you were putting $15,000 to $25,000 in your bank account every month. Will that happen the first or second month? For most no, for those who’s dreams are bigger than their current circumstance you have much better chance of really learning this new business and flourishing with it.

Why is this “why” and having it written down so important? It is the difference in going to the real estate agent with a $600,000 check and telling the agent to pick you a nice house vs. you have the $600,000 check and you want a 4000 sq. ft. home, on the beach with a pool, two story, 6 bedrooms, theater room, formal dining room, 3 car garage in a golfing community. Doing this pulls the dream out of your head and you able to put your hands on it. Do this for the house, car you want, vacation or what the higher purpose is for the business.

In the home business’s I have started, but noting really came of them, I found a few common issues for them not really going anywhere. First the MLM’s I have tried I really fell for the money and how easy it supposedly made. Second I did not have a set schedule to follow; nothing really got me on the right track as this simple yet of ten overlooked point. Set an hour by hour schedule. We have busy lives and starting a home based business is one of the best ways to get time freedom. But it does not come over night.  This is where I feel many have a disconnect of what they are about to do. Buying a business and buying an item are two different things. You have to put time and energy into the business. You are going to be learning a new skill.  In business it is do, be, have and not have, be, do. Do the learning and the training, be consistent, slow and steady not multi tasking will get you in sales mode. With an item you have it already. You plug it in or use it in some way. With your business you set the pace, you set the hours, you set the schedule and that is why it is so important to have that schedule written down. Treat the business like a hobby it pays like a hobby.  Hint email send and receive is only about 15 minutes a day at first.

Now for some this part is great others it is tedious. How do you find a legitimate home business? There are lots out there and many look like any child could do it. The cold hard truth is there are only a few work at home business that really have what I feel are 5 essentials for any home business to succeed. First there is the product, second is the system, and third how good is the training? Fourth is the compensation how and when are you paid? And lastly are their people from all walks of life making money with what you’re looking to market. Will you say right out loud and proud this is what I am part of?

You have your “why” and five things to look for when looking at a home business opportunity. If you’re just starting out, Goolge “home business” and look at 5 opportunities that look interesting to you. Now see if you can find all five essentials in what has caught your eye. If you have already started in a company check to see what you picked has the five essentials. Hint if in your search your see many ads that say company “X” is a scam or don’t join “X” till you see this, then real people are most likely making good money with “X” company.

Next a deeper look into the five parts a legitimate home business will have.

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Start Home Business in Florida

Why would you start a home business in Florida? Florida is mainly a tourist and retirement state. And when the economy was in a better state, jobs with acceptable pay were a plenty. Today in September 2009 it is different story. With 1.5 billon people online today, an online business is worth a look into. With any business traditional or online, business is a numbers game. Learn to market to a percentage of that 1.5 billon and you have learned how to survive dare I say thrive in any economy.

Florida is in the top ten of tourist destinations, with the great weather, theme parks, beaches and boating how can you go wrong. It’s why I moved to Florida in 1998. And for about nine of those years the economy was rocking, jobs and money were every where it seemed. Then everything stopped, the bubble bust, the recession set in. And many are asking themselves now what?

Why would any sane person start a home business in Florida today? 1.5 billion people on the internet looking to do business, play, shop and prosper on the internet. That’s why. Find a product you like and learn to market it online. There is no recession online. Yes, many have tried a work at home business before. Most claim big easy money. With all the health drinks, vitamins, cooking, selling web sites, legal services, health plans the list goes on and on. They are still out there and most have a good product or service that can be bought / knocked off by almost anybody.

That’s one problem a second is many are using what worked to market 10 or 20 years ago when that company first started. Home parties, hotel meeting, the next greatest thing, we all have been or been invited to them. And many struggle in those marketing systems. The reason sane people start a home business in this economy is simple, they know there dreams are bigger than their current circumstance and are willing to do something about it.

We have briefly touched on a few of the problems and everybody wants more money, the big house and to travel and live that big dream they have for themselves. In the next few articles we will go over some things to look for when looking at which opportunity is a good fit for you. And that’s good because it gives you some time to really think and put on paper your dreams. What would you do with the money made? Pay off bills get out of debt, yes every one does. Have the house, the car and the vacation you always wanted to go on, on paper and that is why and where you start.

There are as many reasons to live in Florida as there are reasons to start a home business in Florida. There are also a lot of sharks, barracudas and different things to be on the look out for in an online business. Again we will go more in depth in the nest few articles. Do not worry these are not sales letters, just a few ways to sort and sift the online business your looking at. Bottom line is your dream house dream life is obtainable with some work and determination. Are you willing to do something to get it?

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The real reason the chicken crossed the road.

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How to Fast Track the Learning Curve

So your looking at starting a home based business or have just started and time is of the essence. First congratulations on stepping up and following your heart. You have the 9 to 5 job and you only have a few hours a day to have focused time to work the business either before the 9 to 5 or after. Great you’ve got time. Instead of talking on the phone or listening to your favorite radio personality, plug in the Ipod or MP3 player. Make your travel time part of your learning time. It’s your rolling college campus.

Most travel 15 minutes plus to work each day. That’s 2 and a half hours of learning per week. This is the start of your time compression or time leverage. You also can plug in while getting ready for work and getting ready for bed. That’s yet 20 minutes more or hour and 40 minutes a week of learning.

When doing this I also recommend to have focused quality time with the spouse, kids, dog for a few minutes every day then go plug in. If you acknowledge that you know it is time away from them and the trade off is that in a few short months your family will be taking a dream vacation, dream house or just in a better place, home life can be smoother.

What do you lesion to glad you asked. The company I am with has weeks of info in the back office in MP3 format and they are so current with what works today. One would have a hard time just coming home and starting a new business and knowing what the leaders are doing to make that same business work. If you did you would be the leader making the money you want to make. Self development is also a great thing to lesion to. You will find improving yourself improves your business. You want a mix of motivation, leadership, communication, presentation to name a few.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. What you get and loose are stuff but what you become you Own.

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Go Green with a Legitimate Home Based Business

Make green by going green in a legitimate home based business. Indeed everyone is going green these days and what better way to save gas ware and tear on the car, than to start a legitimate home based business. Ya, right you say.  Fact is more and more are succeeding in home business and you have a better chance to succeed in a home business than you would be keeping your current job for the next 5-10 years.

“I have no time”.  I hear it all the time, well think about this.  There are168 hours in a week 50 for sleep, 50 for job if your close to your current job, leaving 68 hours in the week. Now I hope your making what your worth from non-green job. If you’re like many you’re not so, you’re looking for extra work or overtime. Lets take 20 hours, what would 20hours look like for you? You would still have 48 hours to live life. What if you could make more green from home, I am talking cold hard cash in those 20 hours?

What if there was a legitimate home based business that you could plug into that did the selling and telling for you as well as the follow up. With your part being to follow what the leaders are showing you to do and picking up the phone and say “HI and welcome, lets go make some money, have some fun and meat some people”. This internet business allows me to do just that. And what better what better way to go green.

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I reject your reality and substitute my own. Atam Savage

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Put your vision in front. Then Follow the Vision!

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Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right. Henry Ford

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Wow! What a day on the water. We saw so many dolphins and there babies today and there lots of sand rays. Never seen so many at one time.

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